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MBOX to PST Converter for Mac

'Mail Extractor Pro' (MEP) is now available to download for free. It's a MacOS app to convert Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, and MBOX to Outlook PST files. It is a triumphant app that brings means of data conversion that is masterly crafted by USL Software.

There is truly no other equivalent. If your goal is to quickly convert MBOX to PST in Mac directly, go with "Mail Extractor Pro" confidently. You will not be disappointed.

How to Convert MBOX to PST

We want to start with the steps you need to take with this tool. You will notice how clear-cut the tutorial is, to the point that you can skip it and still convert files:

  1. Start off by downloading it here . You can use the trial mode at first, just to check out the features and follow through on this tutorial.
  2. Once installed, start it up. Look for 'MBOX files' next to other input options. Click 'Load' and browse to the file's location and select it. The tool scans the selected file thoroughly and shows you the contents/folders inside it.
  3. By default, all folders are selected for conversion but you can uncheck the box to remove any unwanted folders from getting converted to PST.
  4. Set the desired output size for PST and click convert to begin 

Autoloading Apple Mail

Since this article is regarding MBOX to PST converters for Mac, the above tutorial works fine.

However, it is worth mentioning that you can also autoload your Mac Mail  database if that is what you want to convert, without hassling with MBOX or other type of files yourself. Most users who are looking to convert MBOX are actually looking to convert Mail database. 

But if you only want to convert MBOX, then pick that as input.


Any tool is incomplete without the interface that lets you use it and all the features it has to offer. In many converters that would be otherwise be good fall way behind in their interface and design. They can be total downer. With MEP, you get clean and basic interface, with all features arranged in a methodical manner for the seamless experience.

Data Integrity Conservation

But an interface can only take you so far. It can make for a coherent process and comfortable, but obviously, a software application needs more. 

In email migration, the most important goal is to get the data information across the files correctly and without casualties in data integrity.

Mail Extractor Pro holds an array of logic and algorithms that is truly progressive. They work on a far more deeper layer than any other mbox to pst converter. This leads to the purity of your output files, which in other words means that they contain all the data elements and the structure of original files.

Try the MBOX to PST Converter for Mac

We would recommend getting the setup file here and trying it out yourself. There are more functions it has to offer than described here. But no better way to find it out on your own and also see how it performs for your MBOX files. And hassle free import MBOX to Outlook  for Win & Mac.

"Mail Extractor Pro" has surpassed all other typical MBOX to PST converters for Mac. With its autoload feature, smart interface, and progressive algorithms, there is truly no other equivalent.